Oxygen Generator SOSHYA SA10

Oxygen Generator SA10, a production of Nafsyar Teb Company, is a device for producing pure oxygen by receiving ambient air, which in a process without the need to charge oxygen or any other derivative, and can deliver 97% pure oxygen to users.

SHOSHYA SA10 Features:

  • Very low sound
  • With specific display
  • Equipped with separate Nebulizer output
  • Monitoring the purity of the produced Oxygen
  • Suitable for 24-hour application
  • With 5 layers of air filters together with anti-bacterial filter, which prohibits the entrance of impurities and bacteria
  • Smart board and automatic alarm for high temperature, low or high pressure, power outage, and decreased oxygen purity
  • With a timer to automatically turn off the machine
  • Equipped with a system to save the application data
  • High output pressure for using longer tubes
  • 96% Oxygen purity
  • Two years of guarantee and ten years of after-sales services



Dimensions Consumed Power Weight (kg) Max. Output Oxygen Purity Degree Machine Noise
42*36*65 650 W 23.5±0.3 10 lit/min 94±2 55 db



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