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Central Oxygen Analyzer

The central Oxygen analyzer is a tool to measure the degree of Oxygen purity. This sensor uses the newest technology of gases measurement based on waves, which has more efficiency and a better lifetime compared to electrochemical sensors of the old generation. It does not need constant calibration and probe purchase any more. This sensor can constantly measure the purity of Oxygen. It has a long life and it is not dependent on the time of use like electrochemical sensors.

This analyzer reports the purity of Oxygen in the productive equipment in an online routine and it is connected to an Internet port that can give numerous purity and time reports to the user.



Major Features




  • Measurement of Oxygen purity using waves technology
  • Stability in Oxygen measurement
  • Capability of working with 220 V electricity
  • High precision and proper price
  • No need for constant calibration
  • Long life (more than 5 years)
  • Capability of constant analysis
  • Capability of online analysis connected to Internet port
  • Capability of giving standard reports based on the format needed by Healthcare Ministry
  • Capability of supporting various telephone lines to give alarms in short message from and voice call in case of disorder in the functioning of Oxygen producer
  • Capability of GPS positioning and connecting to Internet connection


Application Cases:

This tool can be used for constant analysis of hospital Oxygen generators function, industrial Oxygen producers, and all the cases in which there is a need to measure the purity of Oxygen.

Oxygen Measurement Technology Based on Waves
Measured Gas Oxygen
Range of Measurement %21-%99
Resolution %0.1
Measurement Accuracy ±%1.8 @(10~45)°C
Usable Temperature 10-55 °C
Response Time 1.5 Seconds
Maintenance Temperature 20-60 °C
Usable Humidity %5-%85
Maximum Functional Pressure 150 Kpa
Power Supply 220 V - 50 HZ
Dimensions L: 185, W: 105, H: 40
Weight 600 Gr
Measured Air Conditions The measured air should be free of water or dust


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