About Us

In early 2014, a number of medical and engineering experts came together to respond to a part of the needs of the society and this commitment for cooperation, with a sacred goal, lead to the foundation of a knowledge-based company named “Nafasyar Teb”.

This center aims to bestow a better life to the patients. Nafasyar Teb, as it is clear from its name, prioritizes designing and producing respiratory equipment. By demand announcement from physicians and respond from the best engineers of the country, this center has progressed very quickly.

This company in the first year of its foundation managed to register its first knowledge-based product and market it with the best quality and up-to-date standards of the world as the indication of its credibility.

Nafasyar Teb products has acquired ISO13485:2016, ISO9001:2015 and ISO8359 standards and it has the production license from Industry, Mines and Trading Ministry and the production license from Healthcare, Medication and Medical Education Ministry.

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