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Introduction of the company:

In early 2014, a number of medical and engineering experts came together to respond to a part of the needs of the society and this commitment for cooperation, with a sacred goal, lead to the foundation of a knowledge-based company named “Nafasyar Teb”.

This center aims to bestow a better life to the patients. Nafasyar Teb, as it is clear from its name, prioritizes designing and producing respiratory equipment. By demand announcement from physicians and respond from the best engineers of the country, this center has progressed very quickly.

This company in the first year of its foundation managed to register its first knowledge-based product and market it with the best quality and up-to-date standards of the world as the indication of its credibility.

Nafasyar Teb products has acquired ISO13485:2016, ISO9001:2015 and ISO8359 standards and it has the production license from Industry, Mines and Trading Ministry and the production license from Healthcare, Medication and Medical Education Ministry.

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Oxygen Concentrator

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Has a production license from the Ministry of Health

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What is an Oxygen Concentrator?
The oxygen maker, as its name implies, is a generator for the production of oxygen. You've probably seen oxygen capsules before. Oxygen-generating devices are a device that purifies the oxygen by receiving air from the environment and delivers it to the consumer, a process that no longer requires charging and no effort to receive oxygen. Only with ambient air and electricity can it continuously produce 97% pure oxygen.
What should we look for when buying an Oxygen Concentrator?
When buying an oxygenator as a device with medical use, double care is necessary because it is directly related to the health of your patient. Oxygen purity is a very important point. According to modern European standards, over 90% is acceptable, which must be measured and reported by the device's internal sensor to ensure that enough oxygen is delivered to your patient. Existence of temperature pressure sensors and power outages in the device is another requirement of the standard oxygenator that you should be careful in choosing the oxygenator. The sound produced by the oxygen maker is also one of the important points that is below 50 decibels of the lowest common sounds. Another very important point is the warranty and after-sales service, because it is very important for the oxygen maker as a device with the ability to work 24 hours a day, for which there are cheap and affordable parts and a center for repairs and warranty. Most imported devices have virtually no answer for repairs.
What maintenance does an oxygen maker need?
Proper air circulation around the device is a principle j. Make sure air intakes are not blocked and fresh air reaches the oxygen maker. Air inlet filters should be washed once a week with dishwasher detergent (preferably odorless). After washing, it should be completely dry and then put it back in place. The Oxygen Manual's manual shows the location of the filters and how they can be transplanted and replaced. Your device should be serviced or serviced annually after about 5,000 hours. At these times, the oxygen maker should be inspected to ensure that the right amount of oxygen is produced. Improper storage may lead to low concentrations of oxygen delivery.
What precautions should I take when consuming oxygen?
Proper oxygen consumption is safe. Do not smoke while using or near it. Also, keep the device away from flames, fireplaces and heaters. Note that no oil or grease has been used in the oxygen generator. Oxygen capsules should be placed in a safe place and protected from falling or falling. The capsules are under high pressure and the hole in the capsule can be fatal. Remember to turn off all equipment you do not use. The oxygen tank should be kept close to the water heater, stove, or other heat sources or flames. There should be proper ventilation around oxygen generating equipment. We guide you through a complete list of instructions and precautions.
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